Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Save as Indesign .inx (CS2)

Ok, a bit off topic, but here's some thoughts on file formats and monopoly organisations.

This week, we got Adobe CS4 Design Premium at work. We need this because designers send us Indesign documents made with Creative Suite 3 or 4 and we still use CS2. I took it for granted that Adobe incorporates backwards compatibility, but no. This is cut/pasted from Adobes web pages:

"To open the InDesign CS4 document in InDesign CS2, open the exported INX file in InDesign CS3, export to INX again, and then open the exported file in InDesign CS2. Make sure that all versions have been updated."

The past year, Microsoft have had to defend their file format policy, BUT, Microsoft Office IS compatible with older versions. You can even save to html and old formats back to Office 95. How Adobe gets away with their policy on this subject is not quite as apparent to me...